Virtualized Infrastructure

     The Xsigo I/O Director is a hardware and software solution that lets you dynamically connect everything in your data center -- servers, networks, and storage -- without the limitations of legacy networking technologies.

     Xsigo consolidates Ethernet and Fibre Channel connections to a single high speed cable -- up to 40 Gbps per link. Instead of connecting resources manually, Xsigo lets you create connections dynamically in software -- up to 64 isolated connections per device.

     The result is rapidly configurable server connectivity, faster application performance, and a much simpler, more reliable infrastructure with 70% fewer hardware components and up to 50% less capital cost.
Saves Cost on Day One

     Xsigo converges the infrastructure to save you money on day one. After that, the Xsigo I/O Director delivers further savings with streamlined management. Because Xsigo lets you dynamically connect any server to any network and storage, you can dynamically re-provision assets, achieve greater efficiency, and save on space, power and cooling.
  Streamline Infrastructure Management

     Transform your IT infrastructure with the Xsigo I/O Director, a hardware and software solution that streamlines data center connectivity. Instead of manually connecting servers to multiple network and storage devices, Xsigo creates a data center fabric that allows you to dynamically connect servers to all data center resources -- networks, storage, other servers, even specific virtual machines.

     The result is 100x faster server management, 70% fewer cables and cards, and up to 50% less capital cost.
  Xsigo's customers

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