Chelsio Communications is a leading provider of 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters, delivering protocol-offload and acceleration technology to improve application performance and communications bandwidth for high-performance servers and storage systems. Chelsio's board-level products employ the company's Terminator ICs that process compute-intensive communications protocols at line rate. By offloading the protocol processing from the host CPU to Chelsio's intelligent hardware adapters, host servers and storage systems that use Chelsio adapters dramatically increase both application performance and communications bandwidth.

     Chelsio products accelerate network performance in enterprise data centers, cloud services, high performance clusters (HPC), enterprise-wide data storage systems, and post-production shops for digital film and video.

     Chelsio is proud to offer the following line of highest quality products:

     10 Gigabit Ethernet has come of age. Chelsio lets servers and storage systems use it effectively. See how Chelsio Protocol Engines provide networking solutions in these application areas:
High Performance Cluster Computing
     A single 10GbE connection provides much more bandwidth than today's typical cluster fabric, LAN, and SAN connections combined, and Chelsio's protocol-offload technology reduces latency to meet the stringent requirements of cluster fabrics. Ethernet-only clustering reduces the interfaces, cabling, switches, rack space, power, equipment spares, management tools, planning, and networking skills needed to keep the supercomputer center going.
Convergence of Networking and Storage
     Offload technology increases server efficiency, supporting server consolidation for both scale out and scale up, and efficient storage and cluster protocol handling enable consolidating all networks to Ethernet, simplifying infrastructure complexity and cost.
Storage Networking
     Offload technology empowers 10GbE to be the network of choice for next-generation NAS and SANs, paving the way for expanding the role of networked storage in and beyond the data center.
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